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Buyer's Guide to Thick Oil Cartridge Devices

Cartridge devices are interdependent with cartridges also known as tanks or atomizers.  Cartridges are commonly filled with thick oils such as CBD or THC extract.  Cartridges are often purchased pre-filled and are simply attached to a battery unit or a cartridge vaporizer device to be enjoyed.

Cartridges come in many shapes and sizes.  It is important that you know what kind of cartridge you are working with so you purchase a compatible device.  Some features are universal and considered the industry standard like the 510 threading at the bottom of the cartridge.  This threading allows your tank or cartridge to attach to a battery component or cartridge device by screwing or rotating your cartridge onto your device.  Other features such as the capacity of the cartridge, commonly 0.5mL or 1.0mL, is usually correlated to the length of the cartridge but in some cases can correlate to the diameter or thickness of the cartridge.  The inner workings of each cartridge are often different as well.  Some cartridges have ceramic coils while others have traditional wicks.  However, the inner workings of the cartridge are not usually relevant when deciding on a cartridge device.  The one thing to keep in mind is to avoid devices such as Vertex 350mAh for bigger cartridge because the power supplied by the Vertex may not be enough to properly heat up your coil.

When deciding which cartridge device to purchase there are a few things to consider.  First and foremost is compatibility.  Pen style cartridge devices such as the Vertex 350mAh or Vision Spinner II are compatible with almost all cartridges because you simply screw your 510 threaded cartridge to the pen and enjoy your vaping experience.  Other devices such as the Airis Turboo  and the BBTank Key Box Cartridge Battery are designed to be discrete devices, essentially hiding the cartridge and its contents by resembling a key fob, and therefor only fit specific cartridge types.

Continuing with discrete devices, the next thing to consider is design.  If you plan on traveling with your device or perhaps bring it into a club or concert you want something compact and discrete like the devices mentioned above.  On the other hand if you care more about the look and overall functionality of your device you may want to go with our personal favorite the KangVape TH-420, which amongst other features offers variable voltage technology and preheating functionality. 

We have the largest selection of cartridge devices online and in our physical locations throughout New Jersey to choose from.  If you have any questions about which device is right for your needs do not hesitate to comment below or reach out to us on social media.

Do you want a more in depth review of all the cartridge devices we offer and exactly what type of cartridge they work with? Let us know below and we will work on it for you!

Thank for reading.

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