Hookah Charcoal

Hookah charcoal comes in various shapes and sizes.  When buying charcoal there are few things to consider including cost, ingredients, and particular usage.  The most common type of hookah charcoal are quick light charcoals such as Swift Light and Starlight charcoal.  These charcoals tend to ignite easily.  They often come in two different sizes 33mm and 40mm and are disc-shaped and last anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes.  Smaller hookahs, specifically small hookah bowls, require 33mm charcoals because they simply will not fit larger charcoal sizes.  Larger hookahs on the other hand can fit 40mm charcoals.  However, many hookah smokers elect to use two or three 33mm charcoals on bigger bowls.  While quick light charcoals are popular for convenience they don’t always ash gracefully or burn very long.

This is where coconut based charcoals come in.  The most popular coconut based charcoal is made by Coco Nara.  Coco Nara offers a 100% natural charcoal which contains no sulphur and leaves less than 5% in ashes.  Is is clean-burning and tasteless.  While coconut based charcoals are often regarded as the best option for and by hookah smokers it often comes with a premium cost.  In addition to the cost there is also hidden costs associated with the equipment needed to effortlessly and effectively light coconut charcoal.  It is often necessary to purchase hookah heaters such as Gold Star Heater to easily light your coconut based charcoal as it is much more difficult to light it was a regular lighter.

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