The moment you stumble upon Urge it should be delightfully obvious that we are not your average Smoke Shop. Our obsession with perfectly organized stock, simple and elegant design and fixtures, captivating culture, award winning customer service, and our remarkable selection of price match guaranteed inventory are a few of the many things that set us apart from the competition.

We believe that people are the key to success. Being real, being honest, and being fair are just a few of the values we hold dear.  Our growing team of ten is comprised of smoking enthusiast spread across both our Union City and Elizabeth locations who where carefully selected to fit our family and offer a unique experience to our customers.  We are confident in saying we are the best Smoke Shop in New Jersey because our core values continue to allow us to grow by retaining nearly all the customers that walk through our doors as well as invite in new ones on a daily basis.  Profit drives all businesses but as a people first organization we’ve created the best culture for success by priding ourselves on paying our employees a livable wage and offering the lowest price guaranteed for our customers.

URGE is a growing brand with the goal of being a house hold name in vaping, smoking, hookah, and tobacco cultures.  In addition, we are deeply emerged and involved in the art community, our beautiful murals featured in stores are a living testament to that.   After years in the dirt getting our infrastructure down and ensuring we can seamlessly grow, in 2017 we hope to expand with more retail locations and our revolutionary online Smoke and Vape Shop.

Our team is not one to talk the talk – we’d much rather walk the walk. But, after all this is our about page!  We encourage you to step through our doors and hold us to the values we preach about. We’d love your honest feedback. We appreciate all the support we have received over the years and continue to receive that has allowed us to grow and continue to do so.  We pledge to stay true to our values and continue to create jobs and practice the utmost business ethics.


When Juan Umana founded Urge – Elizabeth, NJ – in 2013 he could only dream of the success that followed hard work and dedication.  From flee markets to a small 10 x 10 retail space and now many stores later Urge Smoke Shop is regarded as the best Smoke Shop and Vape Shop in New Jersey.

With the help of our loyal customers Urge Elizabeth expanded to a larger location and redefined the brand and culture behind it.  The bar was set.  It was time to bring everything together.

In 2015 Juan partnered with his long time friend Kevin Zaki to bring Urge to a new level.  Each bringing a unique skill set to the table – Juan an ambitious self made business man growing Urge from the ground up with his unique skill to bring people together and create a culture like no other – and – Kevin with his technical, business, and branding skills the partnership was proven to be unstoppable.

After searching for the perfect location to expand our vision we settled on an aesthetically disastrous location between 28th and 29th street on Bergenline Ave of Union City, New Jersey.  We weren’t turned off with the condition of the new place, after all Urge Elizabeth was built from the ground up.  Piece by piece the would floor was installed, the standards put up, and the showcases built.  On April 20th 2015 Urge Smoke Shop Union City was born.

Just as our Elizabeth location grew to be the go to Smoke and Vape shop for all of Union County the Union City location would quickly prove to hold its own.  After fine tuning our selection of vapes, Eliquids, Hookahs, Glass, and Cigars to better fit the local demographic it wasn’t long before we became the go to shop for Hudson County.

Two years later we are excited to open our third location in Hoboken, New Jersey.  Our newest shop located on 704 Washington Street.

Just as humans learn and grow each day, so do our stores.  We are consistently fixing, changing, and improving product selection, infrastructure, and store design to better accommodate our beloved customers.